Mobile & Online Banking Alerts

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Stay connected and in control

Who’s got time every day to check their bank accounts? With our mobile and online banking alerts, we will notify you if something changes. Customizable alert notifications are a simple way to keep tabs on your bank accounts without signing in to your Online Banking or Mobile Banking app. Alerts can also help you identify unusual account activity faster, and ultimately, reduce the potential impact of identity theft and fraud. Through online banking you can activate alert notifications to be delivered via email or text notifications.

Customized Alert Options:

Account Alerts

  • Account Transfer Alerts-
    • Daily or Weekly Transfer Summary
    • Recurring or Scheduled Transfer “x” Days in Advance
    • Recurring Transfer Stopped
    • Transfer Changed
  • Balance Alerts-
    • Available Balance Equals or Exceeds “x” Dollars
    • Available Balance is Below “x” Dollars
    • Daily or Weekly Available Balance
  • Service Alerts
    • Address Changed
    • Email Address Changed
    • New Secure Message
    • Password Changed
    • Phone Number Changed
    • Session Activity Email
    • Sign On Attempt Failed
    • Username Changed
  • How to Set up your Alerts
    1. In Online Banking, select the Self Service tab in the navigation menu to access the Alerts home page.
    2. The alerts home page is displayed. You can view, add, delete, and modify your alerts for each account linked to your Online Banking profile.
    3. Update the email address(es) and mobile number for alert notifications. You may have up to two email addresses on file to receive alert notifications.
    4. You can turn “on” and set specifications for each alert you would like to have active on the account.
    5. Save the modifications made.